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Rozi's Front Porch Wine Dinner


Simi Winery


  We will be hosting a Wine Dinner on our Front Porch Tuesday, April 22nd at 6pm. Our chef, Jim Perko, will be on hand to pair the wine Simi Winery brings with a five course meal. Seating is VERY LIMITED, so make sure you RSVP.

COST: $45 per person



Reception: Guacamole at its finest – limey and garlicky, with house made bakedwhole wheat pita chips.

Endive, Asparagus and Crab Salad with a fresh Spring Chive, Tarragon, and Morgan Riesling Wine Vinaigrette.

~Simi Sauvignon Blanc~

This dish so informs that spring is here – Yay! Everything about it is redolent of the season of rebirth. The crisp, clean and feisty asparagus, the sweetness of crab and the extra special bitter endive all assert their youthful flavors. The Morgan Riesling, chive and tarragon vinaigrette seals the deal in complimentary harmony.

Calamari, Zucchini, Spinach, Cremini and Valpolicella Ragout over a Whole Wheat Egg and Pecorino Capellini.

~Simi Landslide Cabernet

The rustic 100% whole grain angel hair seems the ideal companion for the barely firm and slight chewiness of the thinly julienne calamari. The squid is slowly cooked in the earthiness of a full bodied Valoplicella, which infused with the umami of the cremini, and accented with the crisp al dente zucchini and wilted chiffonade of sweet spinach results in intense flavor with undertones of crispness and sweetness. Finally, this is nestled in a densely intense egg and pecorino romano whole wheat capellini for a ultra sensual plate of food.

Seabass with Swiss Chard and Quinoa Pilaf.

~ Simi Pinot Noir ~

Dense and lightly seared Seabass melts in your mouth with its unctuous, sweet, fatty flesh. This richness happily compliments the earthy and chewy eloquence of red quinoa accented with sweet caramelized vegetables, orange and currants. Garlicky and gingered wilted chard provides the perfect backdrop of moisture and flavor that helps to send this preparation over the top.

Certified Organic Free Range Chicken, Carrot, Broccoli and Peppers in a Ginger and Riesling Sweet and Sour Sauce with Whole Brown, Wehani and Red Rice.

~ Simi Chardonnay ~

Sweet and sour chicken is at its best in this remarkable version built on a foundation of fruity and flowery Riesling wine sauce, with just the right undertones of ginger, garlic, pineapple, tomato, jalapeno and soy for a perfect combination. This is only enhanced with the crispness of the vegetables and the rustic nuttiness of our blends of rice for an outstanding plate.

Fresh Spring Rhubarb and Blueberry Pie with 100% Whole Wheat Crust

~ Late Harvest Riesling ~

This is pie at its finest! First of the season rhubarb marries perfectly with fresh blueberries for a combination second to none. It’s my personal all-time favorite pie and dessert!

If you are interested please RSVP:

phone: 216-221-1119
email: wines@rozis.com
fax: 216-221-1112


Wine & Beer Tasting


JAFB Wooster Brewing

Friday, April 25th

from 6-9pm

COST: $20








 Old 30 Pils - 5.2% - pils with american hops and a touch of rye
New Stunt - 7.8% - slightly larger ipa than the JAF, hop bill always changes
JAF Ipa - 7.0% - Fatheads celebration of the hop gold medal winner
Double Vision - 9.1% - double ipa features Galaxy, Citra, Simcoe among others
Down on the Farm - 7.1% - saison made with OH wildflower honey
Coffee Porter - 6.2%
Wooster New Stout - 7.2%
Russian Front Imp Stout Bourbon Barrel - 10.7% - 4 months in Makers Mark bbls.


**tap list is subject to change**

Our chef will be on hand to pair food
with the wine and beer.